Saturday, December 14, 2013

Welcome to the Show

This blog is something I have been contemplating starting for a long time. At the urging of some of my most successful clients (ie. my dad) I finally caved and decided to give it a shot.

In the last couple of years I have worked in a half dozen gyms in multiple states. There were college athletics weight rooms, posh health clubs and everything in between but there were some common patterns that emerged between all of them. Most striking to me was that almost no one knew what they were doing! And this includes the trainers [1]. In most cases it is no one’s fault, people are just basing their own exercise routines off of what they see everyone else doing. And why would they know any better? Quality fitness information is hard to find. Everyone wants to sell something (equipment, supplements, training, whatever) and that usually gets in the way of actually helping people [2]. Thankfully this blog doesn’t sell anything. I just want to help everyone do a better job optimizing their time in the gym so that all of your efforts are actually helping you achieve your goals.

Ever since I began my formal education in exercise science people have assumed that I would have all of the answers to their exercise and fitness questions and they would ask my advice on a host of topics. What should I eat, what are the best exercises, how often should I lift etc. etc. Most of the time I can provide a good answer for people (although it’s not usually what they want to hear) and when I don’t know I can at least point people in the right direction. So with this blog I am hoping to take what I know about exercise and spread it to a wider audience.

My hope is to present everyone who reads this page with the knowledge necessary to handle their own fitness regimen. Along the way I hope to dispel some of the ridiculous ideas about exercise that people get into their heads. There will be a lot of discussion of weightlifting, conditioning, exercise technique and programming and basics of injury prevention. There will be a limited discussion of nutrition and physiology. Most posts will be around 500 words but I have certain topics that I feel strongly about that will warrant a longer look and some things that I find to be very simple and will be much shorter. I hope to write in a style that is both easy to read for people not in the industry and also insightful for other coaches. I appreciate you stopping by this site and hopefully you enjoy the content!

[1] [1] This is inexcusable for trainers but the lack of standards for training and coaching in the industry is a post for another time
[2] [2] I actually had a sales manager tell me that I was teaching my clients too much and that I shouldn’t be so educational because they wouldn’t need me anymore and it would hurt my business. This broke my idealistic little heart because I got into this business to help people. Sadly she was right. The client in question made awesome progress but he quit because he felt that he had learned enough to do it on his own.

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